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Jordan Birnbaum

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Business magnate Jordan Birnbaum has certain flair and a serious track record for attracting high profit to companies. Born in Long Island, New York in 1971, Birnbaum studied policy analysis concentrating in Consumer Economics and Housing at Cornell University from 1989 to 1993. During his studies Birnbaum developed and implemented the Homelessness Intervention and Prevention Program (HIPP) for The American Red Cross, an experience that prepared him for his future of creative and out-of-the-box thinking. Following his studies Birnbaum travelled to London, England and worked at D.E. Shaw Securities International for one year where he was promoted to co-manage the entire company’s trading operations during live operation of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Following two outstanding years at D.E. Shaw & Company, Birnbaum left the company in order to seek out new challenges in the dynamic multimedia field.

Jordan Birnbaum's Career at Juno

From 1995 to 2000, Jordan Birnbaum helped launch and guide Juno Online Services, Inc., a public company in the Internet industry with around 1000 employees. Juno is a nationwide Internet Service Provider across North America and has availability in around 8,000 locations. By offering an unlimited paid service alongside a variety of Internet service options, from basic dial-up, Internet, and e-mail which is provided to the user for free, Juno provides a fast and dependable Internet connection for much less of the price given by other Internet providers offering the same type of services.

In his role as Director of Subscriber Acquisition, Birnbaum cut a groundbreaking in-store distribution deal and was responsible for engaging over a million new subscribers to Juno by signing an unusual business agreement with Blockbuster Music and Video. That single deal created an industry practice still employed today. With his advancement to Senior Vice President of Business Development at Juno, Birnbaum dramatically increased sales revenues by putting into action his untraditional advertising skills, in parallel to his entire management of revenue operations, resulting mainly from Juno Online Services subscription fees, from advertising, and from the direct sale of products.

Jordan Birnbaum Entrepreneurship Days

Jordan Birnbaum grabbed the reins of his investment in Qtopia Events Inc., and moved the New York located company to Los Angeles. With its re-launch as Vanguard, and as CEO, Birnbaum succeeded in breaking even in 2004 and generated revenues of over $40 million in the following five years.

With his deep understanding and years of experience in the multimedia business, this one-time Internet executive is now facing a new challenge. By exercising his comedic writing talents, Birnbaum is currently preparing the launch of The Secret Beatnik Party, an entertainment show whose foundation is based on a semi-farcical political platform. Birnbaum aims to take good advantage of social media networking channels and podcasts to support the show online. With Birnbaum's track record for high achievement, the entertainment industry can sit back and look forward to an exciting revelation.

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